VMC + DMARC: The smartest way to deliver email

Email continues to be a popular way for brands to communicate with their customers, and enhanced personalization methods have been sought-after to drive increasingly immersive email experiences. Enter, Red Sift and Entrust.

Red Sift’s award-winning product OnDMARC, combined with Entrust’s new Verified Mark Certificate, brings together best of breed technologies. For the first time, enterprises have a proven method for showing a registered brand logo on their email communications – a simple and cost-effective way to boost outbound email strategy.

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What are the benefits of BIMI?

Show off your official logo on email communications

Increase brand impressions

Improve deliverability, prevent BEC and email impersonation fraud by using DMARC

Entrust and Red Sift

Entrust and Red Sift mobilize brands to improve their email security posture while creating a more immersive email experience for customers – a win-win for both InfoSec and marketing teams. Entrust verifies logos with a Verified Mark Certificate and DMARC provides anti-spoofing technology to maximize deliverability from sending domains.

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