Email deliverability getting you down?

Retailers rely on email more so now than ever before.  The question is, are these emails getting through? It's time to look beyond your open rates and subject lines and analyze your email security posture to better understand how to increase your ROI.

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Email Security for the Retail Sector

In the retail industry, email is an integral part of doing business. Every day, hundreds of thousands of retail businesses worldwide rely on email for their internal and external communications. But the very prevalence of email makes it an attractive target for cybercriminals looking to steal money or data — or both.

Email deliverability and protecting your brand reputation are more important than ever, especially for retail brands. 

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  • The top email security threats currently facing retailers today
  • The trends of email security setups (or lack of) within the industry
  • Why DMARC and BIMI can help organizations avoid falling prey to breaches and fraud 
  • How to increase the deliverability of legitimate emails with 
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